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Tree Services


Tree Cut & Removal

Removal of any size tree safely and efficiently, minimizing waste and impact to your landscape Whether the tree is dead or alive, cracked, leaning or hazardous, damaged due to age, winds, lightning, storm damage or pests.



Tree Trimming & Pruning

Easy Tree performs excellent pruning of virtually all varieties of trees and shrubs. We prune to improve the health, safety, and beauty of a tree and help maintain a balance of the weight of the tree for future growth throughout the tree. We remove all dead, diseased, fractured and crossing limbs to reduce the hazard of falling limbs, elevate, thin, and provide house clearance, as well as to exceed our clients’ expectation.



Lot/Land Clearing

Whether you need to make room for a structure, or you simply need more space on your property, we prepare your home site, business site by removing trees and stumps, brush and debris as necessary. We’re also fully licensed, and insured for your protection.



Stump Grinding

Using our large and small grinders, we are able to access the most difficult to reach stumps. We grind the stump down as requested.



Brush/Debris Chipping

Don’t have the resources or time to dispose of the brush, we can come out and grind it into chips and dispose of it. Price for brush chipping will be estimated on the size of the pile, size of branches and access to the pile. We can clear any area of unwanted brush.



Emergency Service/Storm Damage Clean Up

A storm can cause serious damage to your property by fallen or damaged trees. We will respond to the scene as promptly as possible, review the situation and handle all storm tree and shrub clean-up, properly grind and dispose of all collected materials and leave your property safe.



Bucket Truck

We use our bucket truck (cherry picker) for particularly difficult to access trees. It is safer and more convenient to remove a tree with a bucket truck rather than climbing.



Professional Climbers

For all dangerous inaccessible trees that cannot be dropped in a yard because they extend over your home, shrubs, landscaping, pool or even your neighbor’s property, we use our professional tree climber. We consider the location of nearby structures when choosing their climbing and trimming methods for tall trees. Tree climbers are an important part of tree services and should always be conducted with safety and professionalism in mind.


Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance Service:

  • Completed Commercial Maintenance Programs
  • Spring and Fall Clean Up
  • Weekly Turf Mowing
  • Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Program
  • Bed Edging and Cultivation
  • Mulch Installation
  • Sod Installation & Seeding
  • Supervision
  • Core Aeration of Lawn Areas

*We are not limited to services listed above

Easy Tree Service offers commercial, homeowners association & municipality full-service landscape management.  Each client is assigned a maintenance manager who will direct your team to provide assistance and careful management of your landscape.

We invite you to let the landscape maintenance team at Easy Tree Service help provide you with a beautifully maintained landscape environment. We are confident you will be pleased with the results!

Miscellaneous Services


Commercial Snow Removal & Salting Management


Snow Removal Services:

  • Snow Plowing Vehicles and Machines
  • Salting Vehicles
  • Sidewalk Crews
  • Skid Steer & Loaders
  • Snow Relocation

Illinois sees plenty of snow and ice over the winter months. Your business shouldn’t take a hit because a few inches of snow made your parking lots and sidewalks unsafe. We can customize a service program to fit your every need for your commercial property.  Call Easy Tree Service, Inc. and we’ll make sure your facility stays safe and accessible before and after a big snow storm. Our well-maintained fleet of snow plowing trucks, loaders, skid steer and salting vehicles provides the foundation for our quality snow removal services. With 24/7 weather monitoring and detail-oriented staff for exceptional snow and ice removal in any winter weather event.





Firewood – Out of Stock for 2022


Easy Tree Service, Inc offers the following types of quality seasoned firewood at affordable prices. (discount for large quantities) Call our office for more detail and pricing today!

Mixed Hardwood:

Oak, Black Walnut, Maple, Cherry, Hickory, and Honey Locust.

100% Oak Firewood:

Hot, longer burning, Perfect for home

Firewood Measurements:

  • Face cord: 8’x4’x16”
  • Full cord:  24’x4′ (3 face cords)
  • All firewood is cut 15″-17″

Free local delivery:

Call us today to place your order and schedule delivery.  Minimum delivery is 1 face cord.

Pick-Up Your Firewood:

You can conveniently pick up your firewood order at our Hampshire location.  All our wood is also available for self-serve pickup.

Delivery Charges apply outside of Hampshire, IL